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There are 2022 names in this family tree.
The earliest recorded event is the birth of Richard Evreux in 986.
The last recorded death is that of Muriel (Forman) Silverstein on February 25, 2014.
The last recorded birth is that of Ezra John Sparrow in November 2012.

The top 5 surnames (meaning those most in the tree) are…
Hathaway (128)
Waters (96)
Simmons (42)
Tilton (41)
Cooper (35)

This website was created on August 14, 2012 and last updated on July 18, 2014.

Gallery update – June 15th

I’m not sure of the exact number, but I’ve recently uploaded a lot of photos to the “family photos” and “wedding photos” albums in the gallery.

I also have 4 photos with people I cannot identify (except for 1 person in 1 of those photos), so I’ve created a new album titled “who are you” to help me identify them. Please take a look and if you know who they are, contact me.

I have also added a new file to the History section of the site – the Events file. It lists everyone added to the family tree (living or dead) and (if it’s relevant to them and known) their birth, marriage and death date.

AncestryDNA House Party – Party Pack!

My Party Pack for the AncestryDNA House Party has arrived!

Family Tree: AncestryDNA House Party

I wonder what’s inside?
Family Tree: AncestryDNA House Party

Lots of goodies!
Family Tree: AncestryDNA House Party

Name tags, a world map, “thumbtacks” aka paper stickers to mark where my family is from, and party ideas from House Party.
Family Tree: AncestryDNA House Party

A paper tablecloth, mini trees, mints, and napkins.
Family Tree: AncestryDNA House Party

Close-up of the tree instructions.
Family Tree: AncestryDNA House Party

Close-up of the map and stickies.
Family Tree: AncestryDNA House Party

As a special treat, House Party has provided me (and all the other hosts) a coupon for 10% off a DNA kit! So if you’ve been thinking of taking the test, now is a great time to order one.

Using this link, you can order a test for $89 for Ancestry.com’s Father’s Day sale. After using the code that House Party has provided (DNAHOUSEPARTY), you’ll get an additional 10% (or $8.90) knocked off. Shipping and tax will bring your total to $90.87. However, if you don’t use the House Party coupon your total would be $99.77. And if you didn’t use either discount your total would be around $110. So now is a really great time to buy the DNA kit. Just remember to order by June 10th to get the Father’s Day sale price. The House Party discount is valid until July 31st.

*House Party has provided me with this party pack and coupon code for free. I am not being compensated to write about this pack, about AncestryDNA or about Ancestry.com.

The results are in!

Things have been a bit crazy for me, so I’ve been way behind in making this post. Like I last posted, my DNA results started to process on April 8th. I was expecting to wait 6-8, as I was advised, for the results, but instead had to wait less than a month. 2 weeks and 2 days to be exact – April 24th.

Family Tree: AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate

My results are pretty much spot on what I thought they would be. I already knew that I had ancestors from England, Russia/Poland, Ireland and Sweden. The only actual surprise was that I didn’t get a percentage for Ireland itself. I know I have 2 direct ancestors (both male great-great-something grandfathers) that came from Ireland, but since you only get 50% DNA from each parent, it probably reduced itself enough that I get nothing. If there’s ever the chance (and by that I mean financially) to get one or both of my siblings tested, I’d love to have take the test so I can compare our percentages.

I currently have 216 pages of matches (and I believe there is 50 names per page). I have one 3rd cousin match, about 4 pages of 4th cousins (one of which I already knew about… hi Kimberlee!) and the rest are distant cousins (5-8th cousin ranges). Of all those matches, only 2 have a shared ancestor hint with me. One is the cousin I already knew about and even though AncestryDNA says she is a 4th cousin, we are actually 2nd cousins (we have the same great-grandfather) and the other is a 5-8th cousin match. I have not contacted this match, but based on what info is shown, we share 7th great-grandparents.

I’m still trying to figure out how to sort the results (like if they are from my mother or father’s side) and what to say to them, etc. So more updates on that as it get’s started.