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There are 2448 names in this family tree.
The earliest recorded event is the birth of Richard Evreux in 986.
The last recorded death is that of Muriel (Forman) Silverstein on February 25, 2014.
The last recorded birth is that of Adin Maxwell Scheinker in October 2014.

The top 5 surnames (meaning those most in the tree) are…
Hathaway (292)
Waters (129)
Simmons (81)
Current (57)
Tilton (53)

This website was created on August 14, 2012 and last updated on November 22, 2014.

Transfer your raw DNA data

If you have tested your DNA with Ancestry.com or with 23andme, but have not tested with FamilyTreeDNA (or transferred your raw data to their site), you can now transfer your raw data FOR FREE.

Please use this link to do so – https://www.familytreedna.com/autosomalTransfer?atdna=2%2bw6eIJLVxKkwUtEm%2f7rWQ%3d%3d as they only give you a certain number of matches for free and it costs $39 to unlock the rest of them. Or you can get 4 people to use your specific link to register and upload their data to unlock it for free. SO PLEASE HELP ME UNLOCK MY MATCHES.

Want to see if we match with the DNA sites I have my information on…

AncestryDNA – they don’t give out kit numbers, but my username is julie52479
Gedmatch – kit #A384941
FTDNA – kit #B29051

Finding Military Records

In honor of Veterans Day, Fold3 is offering free access to their World War II Collection until November 30th.

A few of the things you could find are

– Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII
– WWII US Air Force Photos
– WWII “Old Man’s Draft” Registration Cards
– WWII War Diaries

You need to sign up for the site, but do not need to be a paying member in order to search these records. They do offer a free 7 day trial, but I would recommend waiting until December to use it since you already get the WWII records free right now. No use using up your free trial on something already free.

Some other places to find military records are…

archives.gov – Historical Documents of Interest to Veterans

accessgenealogy.com – World War II Records

genealogy.com – Researching Through Military Records

Using ancestry.com and familysearch.org I have found WWII Registration Cards for my great-grandfathers (Benjamin L Silverstein and Silas H Waters), 2 great-grand uncle’s (George E Waters and Morris Goodman), my great-grand aunt’s husband (Isaac Chomsky), my 2nd great-grandfather’s (Jay Maynard Cooper and Sam Goodman) and 1st cousin (Mayer Schlar). And though I have not found their registration cards, I know that both my grandfathers (Phillip S Silverstein and James H Waters) also served in WWII.

I’ve also found WWI Registration Cards for my great-grandfathers (Benjamin L Silverstein, Clarence T Simmons and Morris Forman), my great-grand uncle (George E Waters, Morris Goodman and Louis Schlar), my great-grand aunt’s husband (Isaac Chomsky), my 2nd great-grandfather’s (Jay Maynard Cooper), and 1st cousin’s (Mayer Schlar and William Schlar).

For those interested, I have these registration cards added to the Gallery.