New(ish) Relatives

Is it amazing what the internet can help with!

My mom recently had to fly out to Michigan because her mom, my Bubbie Muriel, has started declining in health and the staff at the health care center she lives in thought it best that my mom come out right away. For those curious, my Bubbie is still hanging on, but she is no longer her old self. She won’t answer her phone and she isn’t talking. So when we call, someone has to hold the phone up to her ear. I believe she can still hear us, just isn’t responding.

My mom stayed with her cousin when she was out there, who happened to have been storing a bunch of my Bubbie’s things for us. My mom brought some of the items back with her. One of these things was a photo album from when my Bubbie went to Israel in the late 1990’s, maybe 2000.

Most of the photos in the album are tourist type pics (she’s on a camel in one of them!) and the rest are of her with people I have never met. One of the pictures is not from her trip. It’s in black & white and you can tell it was taken earlier than the 90’s by the clothing and decor. There’s writing on the back, but it’s in Hebrew/Yiddish so my mom or I could not read it. I┬áscanned the photo and the back and uploaded it to They have a section on their site where people can upload photos, documents, etc that they need help either translating whatever is written on helping to figure out the location of the photo. A few people responded, but one guy went above and beyond and actually found the people in the photo! I talked with some of them on Skype last weekend and confirmed we are 2nd and 3rd cousins! We are trying to plan another chat tomorrow so that my mom can talk to them.

Family Tree - Photo Translation

January 20th Updates

I just uploaded 15 census files to the census album in the gallery. See the “how to” to read on how to make the files large enough to read more easily.

I’ve also added a link to the links page.

They have not been updated yet, but I have more surnames to add to the surnames page as well as a famous kin to add! I hope to have both of these done by the end of the week.

Large File Viewing: How To

I finally figured out how to get the census records (and anything else that is a large pixel file) to show large enough that you can read the information.

Below is an example of how the census file will usually appear. You might be able to view the entire image, but you probably won’t be able to read most of it.

Increase File View 01

What you need to do to view it correctly is click on the small rectangle towards the upper right (next to where the green arrow is pointing). You’ll get a drop down box, like this

Increase File View 02

Click on “Original” and the image should resize to its full size. The file info box on the right will get in the way of view part of the image, so just click on the 2 arrows pointing towards the right (in the green circle) and it will close off to the edge.

Increase File View 03

Reclick those same arrows (only now they will be pointing left) if you need to bring up the info box again.

Before you increase the file size, look for the arrows on the left of the census image. That is where our families information is. So now when you resize the image you know about how far to scroll down without having to read the entire list of names. However, if that interests you too, go right ahead!